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About: The Academy for Christian Thought (ACT) is an interdisciplinary ministry to discover the ‘fingerprints’ of God in every field of inquiry.

Mission: To renew faith through understanding for our belief with integrity, confidence, and compassion.

Rationale: Our conviction that God is present everywhere drives our exploration of the natural sciences (God’s revelation), geohistory (God’s presence), archaeology (reconstructing the past) and Biblical interpretation (discovering the message of the scriptures) for a more comprehensive appreciation of God in our lives and explain the reason for our belief with integrity, confidence, and compassion.


We address the theological challenges posed by the sciences and other religions.

ACT’s views on human origins and scientific evolution is shared by many leading evangelicals – read the 2011 Biologos Statement on Evolution and Human Origins here

We promote interdisciplinary research for a transformative renewal of the mind, to make the message of the Bible relevant to the urgent questions of the day. We examine how the sciences, history, the arts, philosophy and ethics have influenced our interpretation of the biblical texts. Next we engage the world of commerce, academia, media, politics and sports and formulate a worldview by thinking things through, theologically.

We develop rigorous and relevant discipleship programs. In the sciences, we inquire into methodologies to distinguish science from scientism and evolution from evolutionism. In history, we teach a global, rather than a Eurocentric Christianity. In the arts, we teach their origins, redemptive power, and nexus to worship. In philosophy, we engage the justifications for atheism and agnosticism. In ethics, we consider the divine moral command and its implications. In biblical theology, we teach a method of interpretation that engages other religious convictions and scientific inferences while remaining faithful to the confessional integrity of the Bible as a trustworthy testament.