ACT-US Board of Directors

The Rev. Dr. Tony Lin, PhD (Chairman)

The Rev. Dr. Ron Choong, PhD (Ex-Officio)

Ms. Lingmei Lin (Secretary & Treasurer)

Mr. Gene Yuan

Mr Paul Veerman (Development)


ACT-UK Board of Trustees

Col. Richard Bird, OBE, London (Chairman)

Miss Susan Gould, Surrey (Treasurer & Secretary)

Mr. Chad Lion-Cachet, Oxford

Mr. Philip Long, South London

Mrs. Ruth Guthrie, North London




Board of Academic Advisers

United States

Dr. Andre Ong, PhD (Claremont), Senior Pastor, San Diego International Church, CA.



Professor Niels Henrik Gregersen, PhD (Copenhagen), Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Copenhagen University, DENMARK.

Prof. Krister Sairsingh, PhD (Harvard), Lecturer in the Intellectual History, The State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, RUSSIA.

Dr. Jean-Christophe Bieselaar, PhD, King’s College, London. Paris, FRANCE.



Professor Peng Hwa Ang, PhD (Michigan State), Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE.

Dr Kar Yong Lim, PhD (Wales), New Testament, MALAYSIA.

Professor Jacob Cherian, PhD (Princeton Seminary), Vice President, Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, INDIA.