1. What does ACT do?

As an independent ministry of research and education on issues of science and religion, we undertake interdisciplinary assignments and translate them into online and live seminars, public lectures and museum tours for the general public.

2. How can I participate in ACT?

In New York, you may sign up at our website to receive newsletters and announcements of programs, attend our FREE public lectures, or fee-driven museum tours, seminars (online or live) or the master-class. In the UK and Asia, you may attend lectures and seminars organized by ACT-UK and ACT-Asia.

3. What is belief with integrity?

This means weighing the inherited statements of faith with what we know about the world we live in from every field of inquiry without fear or favor. We are committed to a biblical faith but not enslaved by specific historical interpretations, acknowledging that every confession is itself a geohistorical understanding of faith in the light of prevailing knowledge. As an example, even Bishop Ussher’s 17th century conviction that the Earth was 6000 years old relied on 17th century science and mathematics for his calculations that the world was created on Oct 23rd, 4004 BC.

3. Why does ACT refer to itself as a Theological Safe Space (TSS)?

A theological safe space refers to a climate of inquiry where doubts are welcome. It is a sanctuary to ask awkward and difficult questions without being shouted down. It is a safe place to wonder about God with our fear of criticism.

4. How can I help?

As a confessional but non-denominational Christian ministry, we welcome prayer and financial support from anyone who shares our desire to develop a belief in God with integrity. Our most urgent need is funding as we typically do not receive financial assistance from denominational organizations.