The ACT seminars (online and live in New York) form a curriculum of a seminary-without-walls.

Topics include the relevance of the Christian faith to the Bible, history, philosophy, comparative religion and the natural sciences from the Christian viewpoint. They serve as resources for teachers of archaeological and critical biblical studies, practical and systematic theologies, the histories of Christianity, science, technology and medicine, apologetics and ethics. The courses also welcome skeptics who seek an inside view of interdisciplinary Christian thought without the polemics and harsh words.

Past seminars have been hosted by The King’s College in NYC, the American Bible Society, The Women’s Bible Society, Columbia, NYU and CUNY universities, sponsoring institutions such as The Singapore University’s Graduate Christian Fellowship of Science & Engineering, Trinity Theological College of Singapore, The Malaysian Theological Seminary and Trinity Theological College in Ghana, as well as churches at Oxford, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Melbourne, Singapore, Princeton, San Diego, and Kuala Lumpur.

In 2014, we introduced Online Seminars to welcome participants from outside the New York area. These 5-week interactive courses introduce interdisciplinary investigation of the Christian faith to believers and skeptics alike.



2015 in New York

Mar 22: How Science Advances Christian Belief, 1200-1600

Apr 12: How Science Advances Christian Belief, 1600-1800

May 03: How Science Advances Christian Belief, 1800-Present

September 13: Geohistory of the Bible

October 18: Neurobiology of the Soul

December 6 : Creation of Nature & Nature of Creation

November 15: Human Beings Being Human – Theological Paleoanthropology



2014 Live in New York

Biography of the Bible: Feb 16-Apr 06

Feb 16: First scriptures of the earliest Christians

Mar 02: Meanings of sacred, scripture and inspired

Mar 16: Canons, councils and catalogues

Apr 06: Authority of the Bible

Spiritual Discipleship of the Mind: Sep 22-Oct 26

Sep 28: Spiritual Theology

Oct 05: 8 Deadly Thoughts

Oct 26: Practice of Devotional Meditation


2014 Online

Project Barnabas: Exegetical Study of Genesis & Exodus (15 wk): Jan 27 – Jun 02

Spiritual Discipleship of the Mind (5 wk): Sep 22-Oct 26

Origin of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) (5 wk): Nov 10-Dec 14



From Dust to Dust (Church, Darwin and Evolution): April 14 to May 19

The Imago Dei (Theological Anthropology): Sep 8 – Oct 6